You are a food lover, curious to discover new tastes and the secrets behind them?

You have sometimes traveled abroad and felt that you couldn't get to know the people living there ? Take the time to take a peek at their everyday life?

And you just happen to be planning a trip to Peru, South America?

This page is just made for you !


I am Chloé, and the experiences we created for you bring together 2 of my favorite passions: travelling and eating!

I am french, and my love for travelling was transmitted genetically to me. After studying and working in tourism in France, as well as England and Myanmar (Burma), I decided to move to Peru almost 4 years ago. Working in tourism in Peru, I have known a good part of this amazing country and organized much more trips for travelers. That's how I realized there was a lack of original and authentic activities for people visiting the country, and nothing allowing them to know the Peruvian gastronomy from the inside, or to know Peru from its heart.

As a food lover, and my hometown being in the French Alps, I admit having a certain affection for cheese, and other French delicacies. Now being in Lima, I absolutely love it's incredibly rich seafood options and I can never get enough of Peru's delicious avocados and mangos (really, never).

At Explore & Taste, our goal is to get travelers like you to know Peru and its fascinating culture through its incredible gastronomy and caring people. Even if you only have a few hours in your busy travelling schedule, choose one of our unforgettable experiences to know what it's really like to live... and eat in Peru!

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