The Peruvian Ceviche


Ceviche is THE emblematic dish of Peru.

Composed of fresh fish barely "cooked" in lime juice and flavoured with chili, coriander and red onion, it is often served with cancha (toasted corn kernels), choclo (white Peruvian corn) and sweet potato.



The Ceviche is also found in other Latin American countries, but the Peruvian ceviche is distinguished by its acidic lemons and its spicy and tasty "ajíes" (Peruvian chili peppers).

Everyone has their own anecdote about the origin of the name "Ceviche" (sometimes written "Cebiche"), but the most likely is probably the theory of the Peruvian historian and geographer Javier Pulgar Vidal for whom the word Ceviche would come from the Quechua "Swichi" which means "soft or fresh fish".

Very popular all over the Peruvian coast, we consume 40 million plates every month in Lima! 




                    Ceviche con chicharrón


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