You want to take advantage of your trip to Peru to financially helping Peruvian families in poverty situation? You can make a donation to the ONG Trust and Support at the moment of booking an experience Explore & Taste and it will go directly to financing their projects.

Trust and Support is a NGO created in 2017 by a group of professionals, fighting for what proclaims the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations becomes a reality for everyone. An organization in which people like you and us, directly support other people to emerge from poverty.


Peru, and more precisely the city of Lima, is the place in which Trust and Support has begun to work for this more fair and united World. In Lima it's sadly common to see women, sometimes extremely young, selling candies and begging in the streets with her child in the back. These women, mothers and workers and their families, some of them living in very complicated situations, are for now the priority target population of our projects. The first of these projects is called Warmi (woman in Quechua): it consists of helping women in situation of social risk and extreme poverty to achieving a better life for them and their families.

With each of the mothers we work with, after a detailed analysis of her situation, capacities and potential, as well as of her real interest to change her way of life, a plan of intervention is outlined. The entire intervention, elaborated with the women themselves, is always based on prioritizing the interests of the children of the family, who have to enroll for school or childcare homes with a schedule the sufficiently wide so that their mother could carry out a job that provided sufficient income to cover the family's needs.

It is always an essential condition that the minors immediately stop activities like ambulant sale or mendicity, even out of the school schedule. To prevent them from being in the street, on the one hand Trust and Support takes the financial charges for the expenses generated by the education of the children. On the other hand it supports their mothers in acceding to a worthy work, supporting them economically while they qualify to obtain it.

The situation and evolution of the children is closely followed with periodic visits to the family?s home and the school centers of the children, and takes as fundamental indicators the observations of their normal development on pediatric and educational level.

As soon as the family achieve a normalized situation, her commitment is to donate to the project an equal quantity of the total value invested in her process for our organization, with small monetary periodic contributions or with hours of voluntary work to the service of the project. This donation will be intended for other women and families in the same situation. This way, the families beneficiaries of the help given by Trust and Support become in turn support for other families. Protagonists their own change, and help for the change of others.

Currently, Warmi is financed by donations realized by families who want to help in an effective way, and closely to the women we work with. According to their economic possibilities, they realize periodic donations that are entirely used to financing the activities of the project. From time to time they also receive, if they wish, information about the evolution of the woman and the children they are helping though their donation.

Through Explore and Taste and at the moment of your purchase on our web page, you also have the possibility, if you wish, to take part in the Warmi project. By donating according to your possibilities, you will help more Peruvian families work their way out of poverty and get decent life conditions.

Thank you very much on behalf of Trust and Support and of the families beneficiaries of the project.

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